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Sugar Reduction Solutions

Sugar and Calorie Reduction:

Consumer’s attitude change towards Sugar is the most striking international phenomenon with a continuous development on sugar reduction for healthier products due to one of the calorie reduction aspects, purpose to decrease the obesity & diabetes worldwide. As the sugar is a major contributor to health challenges, WHO and governmental states are giving recommendations, like sugar tax implementation, in order to keep the health and the life style of consumers. Consumers want reduced sugar solutions which are tasty, indulgent and convenient. Through HHOYA’s SweetKerr ingredients portfolio management, we can bring a valuable and sustainable solution for food & beverage, nutrition, as well as nutraceutical applications.

HHOYA understanding customer’s aim:

The consumers want to keep the pleasure of eating and drinking though healthy and tasteful ingredients by having the choice of enjoyable, convenient and indulgent products offered on the market. The mission is to keep the mouthfeel, the texture, the sensation of sweetness, as well as to stay gourmet on products, by creating innovation where the customers will recognize their loved-products and familiar consumption habits.

Challenge for Food & Beverage formulation:

The challenge of the manufacturers is to offer a comprehensive solution package while understanding the interference and the synergy among the ingredients on sugar reduction solutions, in order to fulfill the consumer’s habits which is to keep the same pleasure of mouthfeel and the gourmet sensation.

HHOYA SweetKerr Sweeteners solutions:

As an ingredient provider, it is the priority to support your sugar reduction content in the formulation by healthy & natural sweeteners solution supply or tailor-made by combination of various modules by mixing ingredients, like various sweeteners, flavor and compounds to match your requirement in a safe, reliable, sustainable, cost effective approaches or supply manner.