Mask off-taste & off-notes for functional ingredients, e.g. collagen peptide, mulberry leaf extract, other herbal extracts

Savarin Series

Mask off-taste & off-notes for functional ingredients.

Savarin 100HY

TasteAroma Series

Block off-taste after swallowing.

TasteAroma 307STO

Kindly consult regional regulations for a list of approved ingredients

Think Taste Different

The Key Areas of Our Expertise


Realizes real sugar-like taste and cost reduction for beverages.

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Realizes more creaminess and intensified milky flavor for dairy products.

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Enhance menthol coolness, improve menthol flavor, mask menthol off-taste, improve chocolate and caramel flavor.

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Our innovative ingredients and flavor modulation expertise enable us to create chewing gum that delivers a satisfying chewing experience while tantalizing taste buds with delightful flavors.

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