One-stop Sourcing Solutions

Nowadays the sourcing of food ingredients is facing some interesting challenges, due to the fact that the F&B industrial manufacturers have to fulfill their requirements in risk management, in view of the volatility, the sustainability and the reliability of the supply chain in terms of quality, availability and costing competitiveness.

Therefore HHOYA, thanks to their rooted organization in people based in Europe and in China, as well as with the Chinese manufacturers’ market knowledge can be your sourcing department by complying to your challenging requirements and cover your risk in contract and supply chain management by supervising your quality control on site. HHOYA will provide also the market intelligence and give guidance on the trend/volatility and bring efficiency and reliability in your process of purchasing.

With a personal approach, HHOYA’s experienced sourcing team is not only offering the products needed, but also provides its customers with the necessary neutral market intelligence ensuring a guaranteed supply of high-quality products at a competitive price.

Simply said, HHoya is your global sourcing center for making the right decision regarding your purchasing.

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Flavors & Fragrances
Essential Oils