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About Us

HHOYA stands for Harmony of Hokke & Yang, a mixed European & Chinese family business, inspired by, and extensive experience in the Food & Beverage industry. HHOYA brings the best of East & West continents together with one goal: Forming the bridge between customer and supplier in a harmonious, reliable and transparent way.

With the expertise of food technology, sourcing, sales, and distribution, HHOYA provides its customers with tailor-made & cost-effective HEALTHY SOLUTIONS. From artificial to natural and organic, HHOYA helps customers to (re-)formulate, to (out)source and to deliver a complete package of products to all the corners of the globe.

The result is a foundation of solid relationships with customers and strong partnerships with suppliers, who highly value HHOYA’s principles and fair business approach. HHOYA’s mission is to offer Harmonious Solutions for All!


Healthy Solutions

HHOYA Values