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Flavour Modulation

EPC Natural Products Co.,Ltd. is the world’s leading innovator of natural taste and flavour modulators. EPC provides TasteAroma®, ZestAroma®, Savarin® and Thaumagic® modulators containing retronasal aromas, developed from the thorough screening of natural brain-pleasure molecules, in combination with EPC’s deep understanding of the interdisciplinary sciences of neurogastronomy, gastrophysics and chemesthesis. These solutions make sugar-reduced consumables with great taste and clean labelling, while supporting cost optimisation in end-product formulations. The full range of products work synergistically with flavours, high intensity sweeteners, fibers and thickeners to deliver perfect sweetness at significantly reduced costs.

Plant based off-Taste masking

Savarin 100HY/100PN
TasteAroma 307STO

  • Masking Fishy & bitter taste from start, peak to the end
  • Improving Palatability

Sugar Reduction Solutions for Fine Bakery

Sweet Tea extract

  • Clean Label

Silent Sugar Reduction

Proust TM A001/A002

  • Cost Reduction
  • Reducing Calorie
  • No Compromise on taste

High Intensity Synthetic Sweetener Modification

Savin 100CLC 02/100CLC02-L2 TasteAroma 307STO/307STO-L2/100ATO

  • Balancing sweet-sour profile
  • Creating Full Body & Coating Mouthfeel
  • Enhancing Fruity Flavour Authenticity

Natural Sweetener Modification

Sarvain 200LE

  • Modifying Reb A taste close to Reb M
  • Cost Reduction

Non-Stevia Based Sweetening Food Stuff

  • Clean Label

Natural Creaminess Enhancer

  • Thaumatin (Katemfe Extract)