Our Lutein is produced by co-crystallization technology. It is a production process composed of two or more different molecules within the same crystal lattice. Thereby, the final product achieves improved physical and chemical properties, and higher pharmacological performance, including stability, solubility, bioavailability, purity, and efficacy. The crystal ingredients are highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications, including capsules, tablets, powders, soft-gels, and more.

Product Features (USP)

  • Better stability: Compared with marketed lutein crystals, the stability of cocrystal lutein is significantly improved
  • Improved solubility: Compared with marketed lutein crystals, the solubility of cocrystal lutein is 3 times higher
  • Significantly improved Bioavailability

Health Benefits

  • Anti-blue light, may protect retina, prevent eye dryness, prevent myopia
  • Antioxidant, supports reduce the expression of inflammatory factors
  • Could prevent brain aging, slow or prevent cognitive decline


Capsule, Tablet, Powder, Soft-gel, Gummy, Functional food