Product Features

  • Prebiotic Properties: Rhamnose serves as a prebiotic, nourishing beneficial gut bacteria and promoting digestive balance.
  • Mild Sweetness: While not intensely sweet, Rhamnose provides a subtle sweetness that can be used to improve the taste of various foods.
  • Natural Sourcing: Rhamnose is derived from natural sources, aligning with clean label and natural sourcing preferences.

Product Health Benefits

Rhamnose is valued for its prebiotic properties, which support a healthy gut microbiome. It promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, aiding in digestion and overall gut health.

Clean Label and Natural Sourcing

Our Rhamnose is sourced from natural fruits and vegetables and processed with a commitment to clean label principles and natural ingredients. We prioritize transparency in ingredient sourcing, ensuring consumers can trust the products they choose.

Product Applications

  • Functional Foods: Incorporate Rhamnose into functional foods like yogurt and cereal to enhance their prebiotic content.
  • Beverages: Add Rhamnose to beverages for mild sweetness and gut health benefits.
  • Supplements: Rhamnose can be used in dietary supplements aimed at supporting digestive wellness.