Product Features

    • Natural Origin: Thaumatin is sourced from the Katemfe fruit, providing a natural and plant-based sweetening solution.
    • Flavor masking:Thaumatin has the ability to mask or reduce the perception of undesirable flavors in certain foods and beverages. This makes it valuable for improving the taste of products that may have off-notes or bitter components.

Product Production

Extraction from Katemfe Fruit Thaumatin is extracted from the Katemfe fruit through a series of carefully controlled processes, including extraction, purification, and drying. This yields a high-purity, naturally derived sweetener.

Product Types

  • Thaumatin Powder 10%, 45%, 93%: A versatile sweetening agent suitable for various applications.

Product Applications

  1. Sweeteners and Sugar Substitutes: Thaumatin is utilized as a natural sweetener and sugar substitute in a wide range of food and beverage products, offering sweetness without added calories.
  2. Beverages: Thaumatin enhances the sweetness of beverages such as fruit juices, soft drinks, sports drinks, and flavored water.
  3. Confectionery: Thaumatin is used in confectionery products like candies, chocolates, and gum, providing a clean and natural sweetness.
  4. Dairy and Dairy Alternatives: Thaumatin can be incorporated into dairy products like yogurt, ice cream, and milk alternatives to add sweetness without the need for excessive sugar.
  5. Baked Goods: Thaumatin finds its place in baked goods such as cakes, cookies, muffins, and bread, reducing the reliance on traditional sugar.
  1. Tabletop Sweeteners: Thaumatin-based sweeteners offer a convenient option for individual use as tabletop sweeteners in coffee, tea, and other beverages.
  2. Condiments and Sauces: Thaumatin is used in the preparation of condiments and sauces to provide a natural sweetening option.
  3. Health and Nutritional Products: Its zero-calorie nature and natural origin make Thaumatin a preferred choice for health and nutritional products, including dietary supplements and protein powders.
  4. Functional Foods and Beverages: Thaumatin can be incorporated into functional foods and beverages to enhance their appeal to health-conscious consumers.
  5. Ready-to-Eat Meals: Thaumatin is employed in the preparation of ready-to-eat meals, offering a natural sweetening alternative for various dishes.