Sugar reduction

Natural Sweeteners


RebM 50%-95%
Rebaudioside D 50%-95%
Rebaudioside A 20%-99.9%
Mixed Steviol Glycosides
Glucosyl Steviol Glycosides (Customized)

High Intencity Sweeteners


Texture improvement

Corn soluble fiber

Enables “High in fiber” claims in dairy applications. Viscosity profile equal to full sugar . In ice cream enables 35% sugar reduction while improving Nutri-score from D to C.

Creaminess enhancement



Thaumatin(10%, 45%, 93%)

Healthy sugar alternative




Coconut sugar

Modify sweetness profile of sweetener-stevia

Savarin Series

Cutting sweet linger and off-taste of stevia.

Savarin 200LE

Improve taste and mouth coating

Improve mouth coating, quicken onset sweetness.

Savarin 100CLC 02

Cutting sweet linger and off-taste of synthetic sweetener.

TasteAroma 307STO
TasteAroma 100ATO

Kindly consult regional regulations for a list of approved ingredients

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The Key Areas of Our Expertise

Yoghurt & Yogurt drinks

Elevate the indulgence of yogurt and yogurt drinks with our solutions.
Our expertise enables us to enhance the taste, texture, and nutritional profile of these products, ensuring a delightful and wholesome experience for consumers.

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Flavoured milk

We bring together premium ingredients and advanced flavors to create captivating flavors that perfectly complement the creamy goodness of milk.

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Dairy beverages

We offer a range of ingredients that enhance flavor, texture, and nutritional value, enabling manufacturers to create irresistible dairy-based beverages.

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Ice cream

Our solutions for ice cream production ensure optimal creaminess, smoothness, and rich flavors, allowing manufacturers to craft frozen delights that leave a lasting impression.

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